Candidate Profile
What are the first three acts you would undertake as a member of Council?: • Work with neighborhoods, businesses, and city staff to beautify our city in a truly progressive and responsible manner. • Work with city staff and private sector to position El Paso as the leading economic driver on the border to attract domestic and foreign direct investment to our region. • Create, adopt, and adhere to better ethical guidelines as well as better rules of decorum. This should include an ethics hotline, modeled after the state ethics line, where attorneys can help people and venders better understand our municipal rules and regulations.
December, 02, 2012
Official Position On 2012 Bonds
In this season of competitive politics, it is important for candidates and observers alike to put our competitive natures aside when voting for bonds and considering the future of our city as well as the next 30 years of budgeting. It is also important not to demonize one side in an attempt to win short-lived political points. There are good people on both sides of these issues and, though I believe mistakes and misunderstandings have been made on both sides, the people involved are passionate about El Paso and want the best for our city.
October, 24, 2012
Neighborhood Profiles: Getsemani Yanez
The El Paso Neighborhood Coalition is a union of citywide neighborhood associations that works to unify all associations in matters of common interest. The coalition has an elected body of six members called the Neighborhood Council that includes a chairman and a representative from each of the citys five planning areas.
August, 31, 2011